Dec. 12th, 2011 04:35 am
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Finishing up a few things on Gale before I go to tackle the two other books in the series. I've come to the conclusion that Jenna, the next and last book, will be the only one in the series that is properly plotted out, chapter by chapter. I'm still pretty amazed that these three books did so well with no planning at all. Literally I had a basic idea, sat down, and just started typing. Of course the document of notes is pretty impressive now.

I think the best preparation for me is simply being able to bounce my ideas off of my editor, and to top it off editing one of the books at the same time allows me to bounce even more ideas off of her, but more complex ideas.

The editing for Bastian is coming along okay so far, we've come to the conclusion that we'll be going over the books at least three times not including how much I go through before sending it to her. Basically I want this to be immaculate by the time it goes to print. I can't afford to have too many mistakes or continuity issues on my debut, it just looks bad on me as a writer. In the meantime, I'm learning all sorts of particulars about the English language, random stuffs too like dove v. dived (both are correct but dived irks me for some reason). I'm feeling a little strange about the idea that I have a particular writing style, I don't know if I'm proud of it or what, but its something that will be interesting to see in the future.

And so, here's the excerpt that makes my editor "aww" every time. God, I'd be lying if I said I didn't like that scene in the rain, Gale's three word line is the best.

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For the month of December I'm supposed to be taking a break from writing. I feel a little empty about it with all things considered, I've gotten into the habit of just tapping away at a document whenever I can that I feel strange not working on anything.

So instead I'm looking over the two books that I pushed out over the past two months. I decided to start with Gale since I seem to be in the swing of things. Well its going okay enough...but the more I look at this book the more I realize I wrote something completely heart-wrenching.

The basic idea of the book is to show how the villain became what he is, and ORIGINALLY the idea was that the biggest cause was the relationships Gale had with Marley and Mary, and how somehow it became warped into something with looking at it, I think it was really Ritz. How awful.

It had been raining, something that I had long since shrugged off. I could not catch any illness from the rain, it was merely the smallest of hindrances, but Renée came out of her small apartment with an umbrella as if I were about to fall over.

“Monsieur DeWinter, you will catch your death!” She rushed over to me with the umbrella, coughing on her own the entire way over to me in the downpour.

“If only.” I said slowly. She smiled at me, and I could not help but smile back, happy that she seemed to have either forgiven me or forgotten entirely about our conversation the night prior. Either way, I was glad that she was not cross with me. “I am melting,” I managed.

“I can see that.” She took my arm and began to pull me towards her door.

“Not in the physical sense.”

It's sweet, adorable, Gale's been shut off from most everything up until this point in his life and now he's slowly experiencing emotions and is wonderfully unaware of how to show them or relay them to others. So Ritz saves him, right? Gives him a new lease on life, right?

I'm bordering more now on the idea that Ritz damned him. With all the running around the world the two do in trying to stay away from Marley and Mary, Gale ends up becoming even more twisted. So I now look at this story as something awful and tragic, how Gale and Ritz become hardened and manipulative.

I knew this was going to happen, I don't think I ever saw the story THIS way though.

When I wrote Bastian a year ago I didn't mean for my characters to become this complex...I think that's why I didn't care much for it then.
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Gale excerpts below, trigger warnings: blood, gore, vivisection, abuse, necromancy, I'm going to go ahead and say sexual content as well since some of the descriptions get pretty racy.

The relationship between Gale and Ritz has a nice start, but it quickly becomes...unhealthy, I'm just waiting to be ridiculed for writing this book.

To make it worse my mind has been in very dark places during the entire month of November because of this, I am seriously reconsidering my December endeavor.

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Over 11k and still going up, I'm weighing the best way to go about a book like this. I don't think I've ever read a book written from the perspective of the villain where they didn't repent or die by the end.

Belladonna )
In the meantime I press on with NaNoWriMo, I'm a few days ahead, but I don't want to fall behind at all. The trouble is that with what I'm writing I'm having to be very picky with my word choice to make sure that everything falls into plan.

Today was lovely though, and it's not over yet. Robbie left to go further south to see friends and I spent the day with Samm. I have eaten so much sushi down here I'm happier than a kitty.

In other news KiKi is beautiful and her tail is as fluffy as she is wide, I almost want to steal her.


Nov. 4th, 2011 09:15 pm
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After visiting the hospital tonight I've realized a few things about the spot I'm at right now.

I'm in a position where I have been able to do the thing I love and be supported by someone I love. I may go nuts and bored and want a job every now and again, but in the end I'm very happy with being able to write like I love to.

So we're in C-Bus for the weekend, Robbie is leaving tomorrow to go further south for a few days, I meanwhile am staying in the city to visit with family and friends. When we return to Waterford we have the luxury of having the house all to ourselves. We did shopping before leaving, so I am extra interested in all the delicious things that I am going to cook.

Also, 10k into my NaNo project, Gale, and suddenly the story is deviating into much more passionate territory than I had originally planned. I guess I'll never be able to completely control my characters.

Also also, am I the only one who truly believes that FB needs to come down? I know ANON rumors are all over, but it would be nice to show the larger corporations and bigwigs that people in general can still twist the screws.
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I get an absolutely hilarious picture in my head of poor Adam on hands and knees in an alley, begging like his life depends on it for Marley to show SOME sort of couth.

It is by no means finished, but it is in the right tone, which is going to be essential to this book.

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I had another interview tonight, this time at meijer's, in a different department than Robbie, but that was what I wanted anyways. Also not a cashier position, so yay. It went well, Robbie came home for lunch and said that Steph, the manager had stated that I'm pretty much a sure thing for the job, they just have to wait for my background check to come back and get me set up with one last interview as a formality.

So yay!

In the meantime, NaNoWriMo is coming up. Originally I had planned to try for a book with seven chapters, basically about a motel through 7 days of the week and the people who stay there. So more of a compilation of interwoven short stories. I have since changed my mind. David is going to be finished by November, I've got the ending worked out in my mind and the plots for the next book in place. I plan on moving on to Gale for NaNoWriMo.

I'm excited to do this, I can't remember ever reading a book from the villain's POV.

In the meantime I think Bastian may be under control, or getting back under control. Things are looking up, but the publication has still been pushed back to after the new year, which is okay with me.

Looking to go to C-Bus on the 5th and 6th of November as well. Robbie is going further south to see friends, and I'mma be crashing at my parent's for those days and visiting with my sister. I need to give Tammi a call so I can crash and give her the presents I've been collecting for her, LOL.

I love that Robbie listens to just as much Maroon 5 as I do...for slightly different reasons, but still!
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Posted on DA, just wanted to keep it here for references.

Suddenly "Y" strap suspenders are attractive.

One of the things I like the most about writing childhood Kamen and Artemis is that it requires me to do a lot of research. Matches, the curses Kamen uses (I teetered on him using the word "bollocks" but decided that he wouldn't use it in front of Artemis), hatpins, and suspenders (American term) vs. braces (the British term that would have been used in that period).

The game sardines, its like hide and seek but one person hides while the others seek, then as people find the hider they join them, so after a while the hiding place becomes painfully obvious. The last person to find the hider has to hide in the next round. I don't know for certain how far this game dates back to, but my research dates it back to at least 1700's, then again, it's my story and I can say what I want really.

Also, anyone remember that episode of South Park where Tom Cruise, R Kelly, and John Travolta are in the closet? Yeah I totally watched that a few times while writing this.

Something else also interesting. This was pushed out in a few short days from scratch and with a very vague idea, it's referenced only once in the trilogy by Kamen in Book 2, but it still manages to just fall short of 5,000 words. This is why NaNoWriMo was so easy for me to get through I guess.

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May. 11th, 2011 09:04 am
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Robbie's getting a static IP connection today to host an airsoft site, and posed the idea that I could pay the 6 bucks and get my own site for all of my writing and writing-related things (arts and the like).

I love this man.

But I digress.

My initial ideas are that it would include Ritzko as well as Artemis, and while neither would actually be on the site itself, I would be able to post links to buy the books (when I get that far), as well as finally find a good place for all those pesky notes and family trees for Artemis. Of course I wouldn't mind churning out a bunch of short-stories for the site.

Maybe even a wiki.
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I've been a little down lately. A lot of memories have made their way back to me; some bad, some bittersweet. To make things worse, I can't really work on Artemis like this, my nightmares would get worse. I'm officially to parts that are gruesome enough to be against LiveStream Policy. The events seem only slightly bitter at first, but then I get to thinking about what is going on in the story right now and I feel sick.

I remember the melody of the song from my dream a few months back now. The words are still a blur. And if I've had another dream since the last, I honestly couldn't say, but Robbie tells me I've woken up screaming and crying in the middle of the night a lot lately. I still can't really decipher the last one, but I'm still firm in my resolution to seek help if I get another one that wakes me up like that. I've still got the name of the woman in Pickerington that someone at work recommended. I can't even look at the Tiffany's at Easton without feeling sick. And Swavaroski is another story entirely.

Other than the nightmares, things are okay. I'm going over Ritzko a few times, mostly because when I changed it to first person certain places before my decision don't sound like Bastian. Its just not gritty enough, just needs more ebonics and rough language. Once that is done its going to a few other people for final proofing, then off to be published. It makes me proud, just looking at the giant stack of papers and thinking "I wrote that in less than 10 days and it kicks ass".

There's a large snowpocalypse hitting the midwest right now, and the water dmg is at an all-time high. Of course the landlord wouldn't listen last spring when I told them about it, I expect to get an earful once I tell them "well, it got worse", of course in all the time that my parents have had their house, I don't recall my landlords ever doing any work on this house. So I'm fairly certain the roof is much overdue.

But I'm sleepy now and since its five in the morning I suppose I could check the school closings to see if Samm is free today...closed, yup. Time for me to crash and rest up for later.
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Someone is going to hate the way I ended Ritzko, but in my defense it was always meant to be this way...or rather this was the better of two endings. I am not about to get into the delusion that vampires are sparkly nice creatures. Ritz is my proof of that. I know it doesn't fall into the story, but a part of me really does wish it could have been different.

But, this is the way Samm wanted it to end.

Why do I get such a kick out of the way Bastian talks to Ms. Helen?

Ritzko Excerpt )
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My head feels a little numb. I think the idea that Ritzko is finished is starting to sink in. I haven't opened up Artemis yet, my head is still a little too mixed.

I was going to look it over again, but I don't think there is anything I can do to it until I look it over with Kyle.

50,016 words and I feel exhausted just looking at the file. I 'm having a hard time wrapping my head around the idea that I wrote all of that from scratch.
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Having the ending of Ritzko already written is killing me.
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I can't even begin to properly describe how happy this month has made me.

I am just under 16k words from finishing my NaNoWriMo project, which is looking more and more like it's going to be what gets me out there. I went to Tim Horton's to get some work done on it today and Kyle came and took the first hundred pages from Samm and started editing. This is why he's my editor, because he loves everything I write completely.

I am having SO. MUCH. FUN. writing Ritzko, you don't even know. Even Kyle admitted it's written in a COMPLETELY different style than Artemis, and it has a strange personal charm to it. You're literally inside Bastian's head and you catch all of his snide thoughts and remarks. Its a lot less squishy than Artemis, and I almost can't believe what is coming out of my head.

With all of my writing I feel happier in general. I'm happier at work, at home. I feel alive.

I can't even describe how happy I am right now.

Ritzko Excerpt )
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I'm off work for a few days, and I'm hoping to push out at least 10k in three days. Shouldn't be too different from pushing out 20k in 4.

Excerpt from Ritzko )
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15K for NaNoWriMo in 4 days. And I'm loving the story.

Ms. Helen

Nov. 3rd, 2010 05:48 am
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Makes me laugh. So. Hard. When I write a chapter with her in it. I completely based a character after an ex-co-worker, AND kept the name, because the name is too perfect when you think about it.

She's deaf in my story though. Hilarity ensues.

Ritzko )
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I love this story already. Even more knowing how it ends.

Ritzko )


Oct. 28th, 2010 05:48 pm
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I looked back over my LiveStream and was slightly weirded out by it. I noticed that when I write its a little more than obvious that I don't use much structure. I have my major points I want to hit sitting in little brackets at the end of the chapter and as I hit them I delete them. But I start typing something and then I'll go back and change it, I do this quite often. And I do it most of the time before the sentence is actually finished, meaning I'm literally typing whatever pops into my head and then going back to fix it as I read over it.

I'm probably going to use my free day off (this sunday) to splurge write Artemis until my brains fall out because I WON'T touch ANY of it during the month of November. I want to make sure my full attention is on this project and with this in mind I won't do any artwork/writing/modeling for Artemis. LiveStream once I wake on sunday (I work the night before) until NaNoWriMo officially starts at midnight. I want to prove to myselft that I can push out a good novel in a short amount of time.


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