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Was nothing short of a nightmare, and it looks like its going to bleed into this week.

My house was broken into on the 21st, my family was out of the state for that whole week. The computers were stolen and even though they decided to tear out the speakers, headphones, keyboards, and microphones, they decided that they should just take all the jump drives that had Artemis saved on them. I still have Ritzko, I suppose that's a blessing in disguise. Luckily I had emailed most of Artemis Book 1 to myself to read at work, so I will only have to rewrite the last chapter and the afterword.

I managed to get through work without breaking down in front of my coworkers, but to tell the truth I did have a patient that I found crying at 5 am and I ended up sitting with him and bawling my eyes out right next to him.

My boss has been amazing through everything, however I haven't told her yet that Robbie and I do plan on moving back to Michigan. We're waiting on his job to transfer and we've worked the budget to allow us to live on his salary alone for as long as we need to (while I'm unemployed). I have only told one of my coworkers what happened, and only because she had her house broken into last summer and I felt was the only one who really understood what I was going through. The others know nothing, and I don't plan on telling them anything until I leave, if then.

I stayed at Tammi's house one night, I'll probably do a lot of crashing there this coming week, what was a 6-day stretch of time off has become an 8-day stretch because guess what? To top off the week, Robbie's grandmother passed this morning around 4, and the worst part is that I don't have the strength to cry anymore, even when something really warrants tears. I know how close he was to her, when he said she was back in the hospital with her usual UTI CHF, I figured she would be right as rain and back home when we moved up there. So I work tonight and took vacation for the next two days. Hopefully I can pick up some time around the hospital in the stretch to save up money.

Penelope is still missing, and her sister is all out stressed and lonely now. She cries a lot, can't keep down food, I'm worried about the both of them. So we're taking Persephone up to Michigan with us for the funeral because we don't want to leave her alone for too long, she snuggled up to me for most of last night. I have faith still that we will find Penny, the biggest reason being that we have posters all over the damn place that offer a reward of $100 for her return, along with a picture of her. To be honest, she should be easy to spot, her fur is longer than any other stray, and her coloring is rather unique. It makes me feel better when I see people I've never met combing the area for her, calling out for her, $100 is a small price to pay for her if it gets her home. I know Robbie is lonely without her.

One of the only good things that happened this past week was when my sister came home from vacation and set right all of the mess between me and my parents, she then proceeded to buy me a new laptop, which I am typing this on right now. I'm in the midst of recovering my lost music, but it looks like I may have to wait a bit to get my Sailor Moon replaced, which kinda sucks because I could really use a good laugh right about now. Artemis Book 1 is in its own little folder on here, but I haven't put much work into finishing it yet. I'm still a little numb from the whole experience.

I guess I should start getting cleaned up for work? I have a few hours still, but there is packing to be done if I plan on leaving in the morning for Michigan for the funeral.
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Because I apparently have found favor with the upper circle.

We got the kitties fixed, they have their little cones on now because they got the dissolving stitches, the incisions are looking pretty clean though, we just got them done on Friday; they went in at 7 and came home all sorts of drugged up at 3. I have no idea what kinds of drugs they were on but it was hilarious.

While they were gone I was doing some hardcore cleaning, in the process the shower curtain fell down. I had originally thought that it was a tension rod, however with the amount of drywall that came down with it made me a little leery. The curtain was held in place by a small plastic peg that was on only one side of the curtain and pushed straight into the drywall. The hole isn't too big, but its big enough for me to not want to mess too much with.

But the thing is that there is no 2x4 behind the peg, and whoever put the rod up had to know this because of the type of peg that was used. So there's a hole in my bathroom wall. I called the landlord and let him know, however he and his wife keep insisting that there was a 2x4 behind it, I am just waiting for them to come over and look in that hole, look at the peg and then see who lied to who about it. Whoever even chose that plastic peg for the job knew there was no 2x4.

As if that wasn't enough, the night after I reported the hole the water heater died. All my gas bills are paid up through the next month, and the flame in the furnace is on, so I know it isn't me. We believe the igniter on the furnace has gone bad, however the landlord was unable to get out here and probably won't make it out here until tomorrow.

Other than that things are peachy, my friend Alice called me earlier, we kissed paintings when we were in high school together, she was at the party the other weekend and we exchanged numbers to hang out sometime. The party was pretty fun, it was for my friend Drake who has now left the country to go to Germany for the Air Force I believe. Nice vodka, delicious cookies, and a bunch of really cool friends I hadn't seen in a while.

I did get a small laugh out of the fact that my ex was there, and an even bigger laugh that he must have recognized my Robbie because he got up the instant Robbie sat a few chairs away. Of course he never had the balls to say anything, then again I have way too much fuel if he did.

I am tickled pink at Robbie, I noticed the other day (as he was carrying the couch over his head) that he's gotten in very nice shape. He has a really sexy athletic build to begin with, but apparently in the hour that he waits from when he gets home to when he has to pick me up, he does nothing but lift weights, sit ups, crunches, and push ups. I had to have him show me his bicep before he did anything else, I can't believe how fast he was able to get back into shape. He said something before about being able to carry an absurd amount of boxes at work, but I didn't really think about it, he was really always stronger than average.

Anywho, we are going to grab some nummies. I should update this more often, hopefully my internets do not die so soon again.


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