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The chick at H&R hasn't filed our state taxes yet apparently, we were told that she would give us a call when they were done so that we could come and pay for them, there was some kind of trouble because they didn't have the forms for people coming from out of state? IDK. Seems like something a place that specializes in tax returns would have on hand, but w/e. There IS a reason why they give legal guarantees.

In the meantime, my federal came and of course the brunt of it is going into savings. I did however get Robbie his lappy! Yayness, something to occupy us when his parents get back. Of course Robbie is refusing to tell his parents and would rather wait until they returned to see it for themselves, if they say anything at all. He said something about his father not understanding the terms "investment", "savings", and "long-term goals".

Working tonight, but not too worried about it because I'm going to be painting walls rather than stocking shelves.  A nice break from the usual.

Oh, and I'm probably not going to be able to continue with Kerry. Not by choice. Apparently my insurance company changed their mind on whether or not they would cover the appointments. Of course they wait until I'm diagnosed with a legitimate illness and then say "oh well, you're aetna affiliated, but you're not part of the mount carmel trinity health system, so we won't help." Its bullshit, why is it that the insurance covers my sister's hematologist, but won't cover my appointments then?

Don't know what'll happen yet, I have an appt. tomorrow and we'll see what happens from there. Figures, I find a doctor I like and I can't use her.

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I've been trying to think about what I did to soften the blow the last time I up and moved.

I've come to the conclusion that the last time that I did this, when I was moving up to Michigan to live with Robbie the first time, I was leaving a life that I wasn't really happy with. This time, despite everything that's happened, I realize that I really was happy. I really liked being stable. It wasn't like I was going from being stable to being unstable like I am now.

I guess I've come too far this time. Going to fall pretty hard I guess.
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Was nothing short of a nightmare, and it looks like its going to bleed into this week.

My house was broken into on the 21st, my family was out of the state for that whole week. The computers were stolen and even though they decided to tear out the speakers, headphones, keyboards, and microphones, they decided that they should just take all the jump drives that had Artemis saved on them. I still have Ritzko, I suppose that's a blessing in disguise. Luckily I had emailed most of Artemis Book 1 to myself to read at work, so I will only have to rewrite the last chapter and the afterword.

I managed to get through work without breaking down in front of my coworkers, but to tell the truth I did have a patient that I found crying at 5 am and I ended up sitting with him and bawling my eyes out right next to him.

My boss has been amazing through everything, however I haven't told her yet that Robbie and I do plan on moving back to Michigan. We're waiting on his job to transfer and we've worked the budget to allow us to live on his salary alone for as long as we need to (while I'm unemployed). I have only told one of my coworkers what happened, and only because she had her house broken into last summer and I felt was the only one who really understood what I was going through. The others know nothing, and I don't plan on telling them anything until I leave, if then.

I stayed at Tammi's house one night, I'll probably do a lot of crashing there this coming week, what was a 6-day stretch of time off has become an 8-day stretch because guess what? To top off the week, Robbie's grandmother passed this morning around 4, and the worst part is that I don't have the strength to cry anymore, even when something really warrants tears. I know how close he was to her, when he said she was back in the hospital with her usual UTI CHF, I figured she would be right as rain and back home when we moved up there. So I work tonight and took vacation for the next two days. Hopefully I can pick up some time around the hospital in the stretch to save up money.

Penelope is still missing, and her sister is all out stressed and lonely now. She cries a lot, can't keep down food, I'm worried about the both of them. So we're taking Persephone up to Michigan with us for the funeral because we don't want to leave her alone for too long, she snuggled up to me for most of last night. I have faith still that we will find Penny, the biggest reason being that we have posters all over the damn place that offer a reward of $100 for her return, along with a picture of her. To be honest, she should be easy to spot, her fur is longer than any other stray, and her coloring is rather unique. It makes me feel better when I see people I've never met combing the area for her, calling out for her, $100 is a small price to pay for her if it gets her home. I know Robbie is lonely without her.

One of the only good things that happened this past week was when my sister came home from vacation and set right all of the mess between me and my parents, she then proceeded to buy me a new laptop, which I am typing this on right now. I'm in the midst of recovering my lost music, but it looks like I may have to wait a bit to get my Sailor Moon replaced, which kinda sucks because I could really use a good laugh right about now. Artemis Book 1 is in its own little folder on here, but I haven't put much work into finishing it yet. I'm still a little numb from the whole experience.

I guess I should start getting cleaned up for work? I have a few hours still, but there is packing to be done if I plan on leaving in the morning for Michigan for the funeral.
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The house was robbed and they took my computer and flash drive.

I came home ALONE to everything gone and turned up-side-down. I have the first 50 chapters on my e-mail, but unless by some miracle we find they tossed a drive somewhere...I will either give up on Artemis or start the last 25 chapters from scratch. I don't even know right now.

To top it off one of the cats got out, she's still missing, and she's afraid of everything.

I'm at my parent's right now, they're away on a family vacation, and when I called them to ask them for help, I was met with no support at all. After talking with Robbie we decided that the best thing to do would be to save up enough to get us back to Michigan with his family. They immediately offered us a place to stay while we got back to our feet. Robbie is working on getting his job transferred, I would be starting from scratch with my school loans to pay...of course he keeps telling me that he'll support me for as long as he has to, even if I never go back to work.

All the sweet things make me cry even more.

At least I get internet on my phone, so my email is raintree.willow@gmail.com, my phone number is 614-580-4551. Text, call, email. It makes me even sadder that most of the people that I've been there for here aren't there for me. I'm lucky to have friends who live far away that I email, who listen to me, but I don't think I'll ever stop crying.

I feel like I'm living that moment of coming home over and over again.

Don't comment on here, I won't be checking my LJ for a LONG while.
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It's started to scare me. The simple fact that all of my recent dreams start out with me in my pajamas. I feel like the gap between this and the past dream was a lot longer than it had been previously. There was no song, but it was a lot more...personal? I can barely describe it. I was able to ask a few questions, get angry with my answers, then.... I do plan on a more lengthy description later.

We've finally bought the deep fryer and I am enjoying all the foods that I stick in it. Curry buns are pretty awesome, but pizza rolls are the best.

I'm currently watching the new "karate" kid. It's the KARATE kid, so why the hell are they doing KUNG FU? Get your shit straight people. Also, any idiot that thinks Detroit actually looks like that IRL needs to go there and get shot. EL-OH-EL. Other than that, it's cute.

Not sure what I'm going to to do for thanksgiving yet, I got a bunch of time off for it, but Robbie is working most of the time. Hopefully we'll be able to go up north for Christmas, but this week it looks like me and the kitties. I do plan on making some of Robbie's favorite fried chicken and asparagus.

I ordered Robbie's Christmas gifts while he was sick in bed last weekend. I'm having fun torturing him with how far they've come so far in the shipping process. I'm planning on ordering some legos for him too soon if I can. But seeing as how I ended up spending roughly 170 on the present that is on its way, I'm not sure how that will go.
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I should upload more icons, change my theme, blah blah blah.

I don't even remember the last time I posted something up here, I should go check and see wtf was going on.

I finally got the hospital job and so tonight I decided that I have had enough of Wendys and quit. I immediatly felt better, the stress was not worth the shitty pay, and to make matters worse I was still being scheduled for register. So I would go into work in a bad mood, because it was more work than the hospital for less pay and I was being placed at the most stressful position; getting me in an even worse mood by the end of the night.

Oh and I got the hospital job on the oncology floor, yayness. I like it lots and I think I will go for the x-ray tech classes that the college of nursing offers.

So I quit tonight, I really didn't want to do it on Tammi's shift, but it was getting to be too much. It's been taking so much effort to even go to work at Wendys since getting accepted for the hospital, and it's been a complete chore to stay the full amount. I'm always completely drained from the classes and the 12hour shift. I like the idea of 12 hours a night, but to get pushed to 7 am classes right after is a little nuts.

Robbie finally went for his manager training, we ended last year exactly where we wanted to be, which was great. He should be getting home soon and will be asking me about this message I left on his voicemail...lol. That and I think I may be crazy enough to adopt a Haitian orphan? They give them to single parents, so I should be allowed to have one! Do I want a boy or a girl? I'm going to get a kick out of his face when I ask him about it.


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