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Three hundred in VS, legit. I was able to finally throw out ALL of my old bras and replace them with comfy properly-fitted ones.

Tarot cards, I love the artwork on them, Robbie gets me a deck every year on my birthday. The lady at the store offered a reading when we were there, I'm wondering if I should have accepted, or if I should go back for one? This time last year I saw a clairvoyant, and with the way things are going with my luck, maybe I should have a professional reading done.

Had my appointment with Kerry, and basically everyone at the office is pissed at Aetna for my insurance. When I first set up the appointment I had them run my insurance to see what I would be paying and Aetna said that my co-pay would be $20, it wasn't until four visits later that they suddenly are changing their mind. The director of the offices is pissed, and after Kerry and I talked she assured me that she would not charge for the past visits, but we need to see if we can get the insurance to take care of it. So I need to give them a call and see what this bit about referrals is...

...I'm convinced they're going to give me the run-around.

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