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As it turns out it was a plastic joint that connected the gear shift lever to the pulley-system thingy (you can tell I don't work on cars).

This is the part where I mention that I love that Robbie knows what he's doing as far as cars go. We figured out what we need to fix it and for the time being it has a similar part and a makeshift rig with electric tape. Of course Robbie took apart the column entirely so that he could pull the mechanism without the lever (that was an interesting ride), so if it should come apart he can easily fix it and drive the car.

Just glad it wasn't the transmission.
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I'm really beginning to see why this season was never aired in the US...first and foremost there are these guys that turn into girls when there is trouble. This episode features a nun! ...who moonlights as a choreographer for boy bands.

Vacation was nice, taking trips always seems to make the time stretch, although the ride up there was a little troublesome. The clutch on the saturn is fried, as well as a few other pieces. We'll have to see how things go.

We returned home and I feel somehow apprehensive of work, like something bad is about to happen. Of course my hunches are usually incredibly far off base. I do believe in the sneezing theory, once for talk, twice for gossip. I've been sneezing like crazy this past week. That in itself makes me feel uncomfortable.

About to go to bed, finally. I feel nervous. I wonder what dreams may come.
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It's been one of those days, it doesn't help that I keep smelling something that makes me feel queasy. I really think its the detergent. I feel like I was shot in the head. I ended up not having to get my blood drawn because I was crying and throwing up in the office. I was such a wreck I don't think anyone was going to want to poke me.

And now I want to destroy my eardrums, but the music won't go any louder.

Planning a trip tomorrow morning. Going up north to visit Robbie's Grandmother in the hospital and hopefully get the clutch in the car switched out. It's on it's last leg and chances are we may break down on the way in. Hopefully that is not the case.

Ribbons and foils. )
I read over my first copy and noticed a few interesting things that seemed to have evolved, I think Rei always had a stange relationship with Valerie Araceli, but it never went past that before. Now its much more awkward and you don't get the reasoning for it until near the end of the book, right before the Thorn Tower ordeal. It also explains why the Rei-Artemis relationship is so strange.

What would you suspect? )
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Because I seriously DO need to see the idiots behind me talking about the "true colors" of someone sparkling. Whatever happened to the sexy sort of evil from all good movies? The tortured villain with a juicy troubled past? Like Carousel, the Fantasticks, and Labyrinth? I'm a Der Todd fan myself, who doesn't like death personified as a sexy young man in a military jacket, constantly vying for affection? El Gallo was pretty epic though.

I have discovered Muslim comics, which are actually really good. I still like the one I found about Jesus and Buddha as roommates better, but these are amusing enough.

Today we took the tires to be rotated, as it turns out the people who put the tires on our car over-torqued the bolts and stripped the threading and destroyed three of them. The people at Midas were pretty appalled at the incident, luckily we had the receipt for the tires in the glove box of the car and went over there immediatly. They were very understanding and wasted no time in ordering the parts and fixing the wheels free of charge. Robbie and I took ourselves over to see Mr. Black, not before stopping at the Aldi to grab a bottle of vino and a jug of juice. I had two glasses before noon. I was ready to tear someone a new asshole for a little there. Then I had bacon and everything was cool.

Et q'mu gyyj xezy.
It was good vino.

I can write Vks, I just have an awful time speaking it, all the words with invisible vowels mess me up. Then there's the sentence structure, which only Yoda would really understand. I really should learn more of it though. I keep meaning to look up a rosetta stone copy for somali, I think that might be one of the more useful languages to have under my belt.

Tomorrow is date night! I haven't been on an actual date with Robbie in ages, I got two tickets for AMC as a gift so it looks like Vampires Suck is on the agenda.

Tonight it's a tie between Elizabeth (Takarazuka Moon Troupe), A Very Potter Musical, and Devdas.


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