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It's been one of those days, it doesn't help that I keep smelling something that makes me feel queasy. I really think its the detergent. I feel like I was shot in the head. I ended up not having to get my blood drawn because I was crying and throwing up in the office. I was such a wreck I don't think anyone was going to want to poke me.

And now I want to destroy my eardrums, but the music won't go any louder.

Planning a trip tomorrow morning. Going up north to visit Robbie's Grandmother in the hospital and hopefully get the clutch in the car switched out. It's on it's last leg and chances are we may break down on the way in. Hopefully that is not the case.

“You like his hands?” Kamen asked flatly.

Rei gave his host a sly smile and slid into his seat, “I can tell you anything about you from your hands, care to test me?”

“Anything?” He made a small laugh that only caused his shoulders to rise momentarily.

Everything.” Rei looked down at his coffee, still untouched, before glancing up through his eyelashes, “That ribbon you tie to your hat for example, did you steal it or was it a gift?”

Kamen paused before returning the glance in the same fashion it was given, “Finders keepers.” He leaned back in his chair, “Why do you care so much about a ribbon?”

Rei shrugged, “I was just wondering where my gift had gone. It’s too late for me to return it now; I’ve already replaced it with a much more expensive piece of steel.”

Kamen picked up his cup nervously and took a sip, hoping that Rei couldn’t see his sudden unease, “Steel? What use could she possibly have for that?”

The smile that appeared on the guest’s face was enough to let the host know that his fears were quite obvious. Rei leaned back in his chair, now thoroughly amused that Kamen’s opening would be on the subject of something so trivial. “I wouldn’t even try to take it from you; you might cling to it the same way you did that dead girl.”

I read over my first copy and noticed a few interesting things that seemed to have evolved, I think Rei always had a stange relationship with Valerie Araceli, but it never went past that before. Now its much more awkward and you don't get the reasoning for it until near the end of the book, right before the Thorn Tower ordeal. It also explains why the Rei-Artemis relationship is so strange.

“I assumed you were very busy, normally you keep me company when Deni is away.”

“And now you’re cross?” The words seemed to strike Artemis the wrong way and she narrowed her gaze on Rei as he slumped into the pillow next to them, leaning casually towards her mother.

She laughed and passed the stephane back to Artemis, “No.” She took a closer look at him, as if noticing something very out of place; he frantically touched his chest and remembered the absence of his military coat. Valerie wasn’t reaching for the black shirt, and she took one of his curls between two fingers, “I can see the black growing back in.”

He looked up at her fingers, “I guess I haven’t been watching it.”

“Are you going to redo it?”

“Should I?”

Artemis waited until they were far down the hall from her mother’s room before speaking, she would have to be quick as there was no guarantee that Pandomé was not waiting outside her door. “Do you really care so much about what Mother thinks?”



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