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Feb. 8th, 2012 04:12 pm
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Working on a little something for dA, hopefully I'll be able to finish it and get it up within the week, but it's looking to be one of the longes. Feels so good to work on Artemis again. What little of it I seem to be able to work on.

She attempted a smile, “It’s a great excuse to not have to wear a pacoima.”

Kamen’s face brightened, pacoimas were something that he had come into contact with (albeit not physical contact), and he was slightly happy to finally be on the subject of something he could identify, “Oh, right, pacoimas are those….” His voice trailed off with a certain level of horror, realizing exactly the sort of clothing a pacoima was.

Artemis stifled a laugh, “Go on.”

“No. We are not having this conversation.”

“I think it would be amusing to hear you talk about corsets.”




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Looking over my earliest draft of Artemis, reminiscing and looking for things that I could throw into the re-write of Book 2 I found a few more gems I’m almost 100% certain I will re-incorporate.

Things I’ve grabbed from the old book already in Book 1:
  • Pandomé (the entire character)
  • Kamen and grand theft auto (the whole mechafly crash as a tribute, but I DO plan on having him steal a cab just for old times sake)
  • Celeste’s Lithe (a tribute more to the old Firebird myths that were used in one of the old lessons, might use that later in Book 2)
  • Sharon (Now Rei’s leftovers and possibly number six for Fosh, oh god, Alladair was the first? O.o)
Something neat I found: Nancy was severely asthmatic, actually the proper use of Celeste’s blue pearls was to provide relief. Of course for most of the story early on Kamen ends up giving lots of piggy-back rides.

Ah, Kamen’s family lives in this version…yeah no dice buddy, your family is dead dead dead
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An excerpt, still needs a little work, but the dialogue sums up a lot about Artemis as a character.

Closing in on the final chapter, although I still feel leery of it for some reason despite it being something I think about constantly. I just can’t seem to type when I actually get to it.

Read more... )
Meanwhile, Rei's standing in the corner, feeling VERY uncomfortable.
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holy shit...

...I wrote something magical.

No wonder I was having crazy nightmares this past year, the content of Artemis is dark.

Wow, its been a long time since I read the whole thing, its...empowering.

I'm writing the ending, I'll push through like I used to and if I don't like it I'll read it over and re-write until I feel sick, then I'll wait a day and do the same until its perfect.


Sep. 15th, 2011 12:13 am
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My family came up to see us. I feel much better after talking with my Mom, I'm certain at this point that things will get 100% better when Robbie and I move away from his parents. The trouble is work, there is nothing here and I'm not getting any calls back from anyone.

Of course apparently Robbie's dad was under the impression that I never apped to the store that he thought was a sure thing. He was a bit floored when I told him that I handed my app to the owner and the one he supposedly had the "in" with.

ANY-who, it was nice to get out and do things with them while they were here. We went to lunch and then went to play puttputt.

Samm is moving into her dorm on Sunday, meaning she'll be farther away, but hopefully she'll be on skype more.

Ah, its an Utena and Artemis sort of night.
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“I don’t see how any of this is anything other than useless.” Kamen mumbled as he held the tome out at arms length.

“Of course it wouldn’t be useful to you; you’re a Clovinian citizen. You have your own set of rights.”

“What are my rights anyways?”

“On hold, you’re in the military. Your rights are hanging on Rei’s wall…next to your balls.”

Of course the last sentence is getting taken out, but I thought it was a valid point.

Its more something Nancy would say anyways.
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I missed this. I love the way the story forms in my head, nothing like Ritzko, Artemis has a much more consuming feeling when I write it.

Short Story: Of Sheets )
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Simply put, my writing has been suffering since losing so much of the book, and as I have been unable to write much in the way of the actual storyline, the best place to see the change is in the short stories.

For example the short story Of Sheets, when I planned it out it was supposed to take place right before Valerie's rise, and was supposed to be an exercise in writing something intimate since Artemis and Kamen seem to dart around it CONSTANTLY, but the reader gets from the context that there's something going on in the Haven.

My plan sort of back fired, they're talking, Kamen voices his own disapproval of the current state of politics, and, per usual, they begin to bicker:

The Feud: )

Now from here my plan was to turn it around and start working on things you never actually see in the book, BUT it quickly plummets, and next thing I know Artemis is going into crazy/depressed mode and I just feel awful for Kamen:

Then it sort of falls off... )

The line about sunflowers and then the one about ambrosia kills me a little inside.

But there you have it, my writing is suffering and so I've started the Ritzko Project in an attempt to work back up to it. So far it's working, I at least feel up to writing, and I even opened up Artemis after a session with Ritzko because I felt better about it. I'm pretty sure Artemis is cursed in some way or other, but I don't plan on giving up on it any time soon.

Speaking of misfortune with Artemis, one of my main editors (I think actually my only editor on the project at this point) lost use of her computer. Basically it died in a great display of fire, ash, lightning, and divine retribution--without the fire, ash, lightning, and divine retribution. I've been trying to work with her to get her computer back on track, but I'm failing quickly. I didn't even realize until she said it that she had lost all the editing she had done on it. It was weird, it didn't even hurt. I think I'm numb on that front
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It was the last dream I had with him in it that I am certain it was him:

It was an obstacle course of sorts, we were rushing through a sort of underground tunnel with a handful of wooden stakes that we were pushing into holes in the ground. almost like a mine shaft really. we come across a wild pig of sorts, and his first argument is that it's dangerous and needs to be killed, but i want it as a pet, so he allows me to take it in, and we finish the race in 2nd or 3rd place. i don't remember which.

Then, one I had before the break in:

I feel asleep very briefly, and I was being attacked by a monster. a zombie looking thing was trying to eat me, and Morpheus was rushing over and screaming for me to wake up, trying to pry her off of me.

He looked just like Van Dean. I woke up and after that I didn't have a dream with him in it. I almost worry that he got hurt? They're only dreams though, but I still have to wonder. He didn't show up for any of my nightmares in the past week, he might have been there for all i know, he's taken other forms before, and now that I think about it I really do think he was there, just choosing not to make himself known.

The most recent:

A man covered in a burlap robe has two brown paper bags, and is in my back yard. He beckons me over and I look into one of the bags and there's penny! I pick her up out of it in a fit of smiles and laughs and snuggle her close.

I think that was Morpheus. I haven't dreamt since.
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Yes, lets sit at the table and talk about our underwear. Sounds prime, really.

You never really see a lot of Lord Covington in the book...not until his demise anyways, his relationship with Kamen isn't the most healthy, but he at least seems to respect his father.

At least the kids know when they're being completely ridiculous.

This just looks like a self-inflicted food fight on Artemis' part.

Short Story: Of Biscuits )
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Posted on DA, just wanted to keep it here for references.

Suddenly "Y" strap suspenders are attractive.

One of the things I like the most about writing childhood Kamen and Artemis is that it requires me to do a lot of research. Matches, the curses Kamen uses (I teetered on him using the word "bollocks" but decided that he wouldn't use it in front of Artemis), hatpins, and suspenders (American term) vs. braces (the British term that would have been used in that period).

The game sardines, its like hide and seek but one person hides while the others seek, then as people find the hider they join them, so after a while the hiding place becomes painfully obvious. The last person to find the hider has to hide in the next round. I don't know for certain how far this game dates back to, but my research dates it back to at least 1700's, then again, it's my story and I can say what I want really.

Also, anyone remember that episode of South Park where Tom Cruise, R Kelly, and John Travolta are in the closet? Yeah I totally watched that a few times while writing this.

Something else also interesting. This was pushed out in a few short days from scratch and with a very vague idea, it's referenced only once in the trilogy by Kamen in Book 2, but it still manages to just fall short of 5,000 words. This is why NaNoWriMo was so easy for me to get through I guess.

Short Story: Of Closets )
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Incredibly long excerpt, but my favorite chapter at this point in time. I just love how much is going on at this point.

Chapter 74 )
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...because I feel like a COMPLETE ASS when I say it.

Valerie's jaw dropped, "That is blasphemous! How dare you? Buenae is our Father, Great Goddess Celeste is our Mother; all life stems from their union!"

Van Dean chuckled, "Then what are you? The offspring of an incestuous relationship between the Great Mother and one of her children?"

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Artemis slumped into the cushions of the davenport, burying her head in the palms of her hands, and feeling stupid for going against Valerie Araceli’s wishes, “Mother is right. I’m an idealist and there’s no way I’ll ever be able to get through to you. I was stupid to hope.”

With a small smile Van Dean knelt at her feet, letting his hands rest on her knees to look up at her, “No. You’re wrong. It’s because of your idealism that I love you. The way you delight in the simpler things of life. Your childlike ability to forgive me and you continue to love me despite it all.”

She hardened her expression at his accusation, “I do not love you.”

“Oh but you do. You love Nyles as well, but you do love me. I can see it on your soul every time I look, it’s there without fail.” Van Dean reached one hand up and found her hand, threading her fingers with his, “You love me, you hate me, and it’s tearing you apart."
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All fear seemed to leave; the cold air whipping about her shoulders, nothing at that moment could be worse than the phantom pains wrenching their way through her sides; starting their way at her ribcage and trailing down to her thighs.

Not half a second had passed between the time Kamen's foot had slipped and Artemis made her decision.

Clovis may not forgive her, and time may not heal this sin, but Nora Sybil's words came back to her, "allow yourself a moment of selfishness."
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I tear up every time I read this over, the images are vivid.

“How fitting!” Nora gave a weak laugh to the hand now positioned over her heart, “That I would not perish at the hand of my husband when he wanted to take advantage of my gift.” She let her head fall back onto Van Dean’s chest, glancing up at the eyes that she had never before personally witnessed, “Nor the spirits of Jannah looking to take me into a tree of my own.” Her eyes warmed with a honeyed fire of their own, “But that the demon that covets my little Orla will tear out the seat of my emotions. The essence of my life.” She laughed again, her eyes beginning to well with tears that would become caught on her eyelashes and fly out into the air when she blinked, “I am not afraid. Never afraid, and I turn boldly to my end.” Her voice hardened, “You are a fool, Caspius Van Dean.” Van Dean’s fingers tore into her chest with ease, cutting and tearing flesh and bone as if they were butter, but Nora Sybil’s screams were more surprised than pained, “Ah! Ah, sleep. Perhaps I’ll dream?”
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Nora Sybil shook her head slowly, her golden eyes illuminated, "The prophecy will withstand whatever happens. Fate cannot be escaped, but we choose how we meet it."

"You still choose to hide behind that silly prophet." Van Dean scoffed.

"I have faith in the Oracle. I have faith in Great Mother Celeste. I have faith in Clovis."

Oh my god, choose me, choose me! I TOTALLY know why she's gaga over the oracle!
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Just a taste of what I've been working on, I love the post-wedding adventures.

Escaping Q'ael Dan'il )
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You know. Because you're thick.

the best of men )

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I'm actually quite amused at how the plot for Book One keeps going up and up, I like even more that I know where it drops off.

Chapter 57: Troublemaker )


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