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The first week we were here was taken up mostly by the trip up to Oscoda, which I did take many nice nature-y pictures which I will have to upload onto FB or put in an LJ cut. The picture quality on my new phone is much nicer than the last I had (which I did expect), but what made my day was the fact that despite us forgetting the internet MiFi verizon adapter, I still had internet wherever I got a cell phone signal, so I was able to keep in touch with people through texts.

I got my fishing license, I caught a fish, I learned how to clean a fish, but we couldn't eat them because they had lots and lots of worms. I also shot of a few guns, and I decided that my aim is terrible and I need something with little to no kickback, or a LOT of aim practice.

The night before last we managed to get Ryan over here for the night because Robbie needed to stay up to get his schedule back on track for work. Robbie fell asleep several times, but Ryan and I stayed up the whole night playing games. I also got re-situated with a copy of the Sims 2, which will be a nice outlet for a while (I'll get to why in a few).

So Ryan is grounded, and after talking with him for a little I'm actually more surprised that he isn't more grounded. He has a lot of self control for having to deal with everything that is going on with him right now, I don't think his dad really sees it, but I'm not a parent and I have no right to say anything really, but I do think that if Rick and Teresa knew what was going on they would have a lot more to say to their other children.

So about the MiFi really quick. It has a limit on kB/sec. MEANING, I can't skype call, I can't torrent, and I can't LiveStream here. In order to do any of those I need to go to Rick and Teresa's (who have wonderful internet BTW) and I feel rather awkward to go there and pull out my lappy. But w/e. Robbie has talked to his dad about adding internet onto his coverage and paying the difference, the problem is that it's satellite and will probably be buggy, but it's something.

About yesterday, being unemployed has started to set in, and me, with my already quite obvious issue with being useful, started to feel like crap...to the point where I wore myself out crying and then cried myself to sleep. It doesn't help that any of the things that I used to do to get myself out of a rut were impossible to do. And I'm getting teary just now thinking about it. There's no tea salons, no Samm to run around with, no skyping, I am feeling trapped. And to top it off I'm dreaming again. But no dreams with Morpheus, that might have been a comfort, I get the strange cryptic kind.

Of course regardless of the fact that I spent the last year and a half taking care of crazy patients and families of people who were dying, I am apparently not considered experienced in customer service and retail, so any job I apply for I don't have much hope in getting. This of course hasn't stopped me from applying anywhere I can. I really did have my eyes set on the new Charming Charlie, but I doubt I'll get a call from them. I just have to wait for some kind of response.

Robbie did have a good first day at work, he got out on time regardless of them being understaffed by 3 people, and said that the labor was handled much differently than it was in C-Bus. His shift isn't forced to do the work of the other shifts, and if they are running short the management isn't worried about conditioning to give the illusion of the shelves being full, they just want the product up there. So Robbie came home laughing and we talked for a while and then I looked at the clock (which at the time read 730 or so) and I told him that the people in C-Bus were probably still hard at work.

I just want a job, something to occupy myself with. Sims 2 will get old quick. I think I may pull out my paints and canvas today. We're supposed to go meet with the owner of the small grocery store down the street today, hopefully that will bring some good news.
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I wish I could write chapters and chapters of snuggly fluffy goodness between Kamen and Artemis like in the silver book, and I'm noticing it much more now that I've gotten into all the Haven scenes...well the ones where they're not running for their lives. I'm one chapter from the end of Book 1, and I just know things aren't going to be this adorable when Victor and Nancy get into the picture.

Still needs work )

PSSST. Also. Morpheus needs to understand that gifts in dreams don't cross over into the waking. Had another dream last night.
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With a small twist of the knife he had broken the rind, and the peel of the orange was cut from the fruit in a long thin twisting ribbon leaving the segments to blossom outwards. In watching Van Dean perform the task Kamen’s attention was caught by the remaining oranges on the tray, each of which were in the act of mirroring the actions of the fruit in the hands of the demon, with identical spiral peels, and each blossomed effortlessly in their dance.

I already decided on how to do apples, just looking for a place to insert it.

I saw a fork today that reminded me of the Clovinian fruit forks! Zencha dessert forks, so tiny, so delicate, I can just see them being pushed into a grape half.
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I've been a little down lately. A lot of memories have made their way back to me; some bad, some bittersweet. To make things worse, I can't really work on Artemis like this, my nightmares would get worse. I'm officially to parts that are gruesome enough to be against LiveStream Policy. The events seem only slightly bitter at first, but then I get to thinking about what is going on in the story right now and I feel sick.

I remember the melody of the song from my dream a few months back now. The words are still a blur. And if I've had another dream since the last, I honestly couldn't say, but Robbie tells me I've woken up screaming and crying in the middle of the night a lot lately. I still can't really decipher the last one, but I'm still firm in my resolution to seek help if I get another one that wakes me up like that. I've still got the name of the woman in Pickerington that someone at work recommended. I can't even look at the Tiffany's at Easton without feeling sick. And Swavaroski is another story entirely.

Other than the nightmares, things are okay. I'm going over Ritzko a few times, mostly because when I changed it to first person certain places before my decision don't sound like Bastian. Its just not gritty enough, just needs more ebonics and rough language. Once that is done its going to a few other people for final proofing, then off to be published. It makes me proud, just looking at the giant stack of papers and thinking "I wrote that in less than 10 days and it kicks ass".

There's a large snowpocalypse hitting the midwest right now, and the water dmg is at an all-time high. Of course the landlord wouldn't listen last spring when I told them about it, I expect to get an earful once I tell them "well, it got worse", of course in all the time that my parents have had their house, I don't recall my landlords ever doing any work on this house. So I'm fairly certain the roof is much overdue.

But I'm sleepy now and since its five in the morning I suppose I could check the school closings to see if Samm is free today...closed, yup. Time for me to crash and rest up for later.


Nov. 29th, 2010 11:51 am
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So. I'm sick. My temperature is all over the damn place, every time I get it back to normal it shoots back up. I'm in the process of losing my voice, AND my ears hurt, I just know those two things are related. I don't have any white spots on the back of my throat, so I don't think it's strep. I just need to work up my system to the point where walking from one point to the next isn't going to shoot my heart rate through the roof.

I wasn't going to call off but I really can't take care of people like this. Biggest point being that they wouldn't be able to hear me.

So far the only thing that's worked on my throat is honey.


Sep. 22nd, 2010 09:10 pm
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No joke. Keep reading.

I've been writing like crazy and I'm having so much fun.

I've had a total of two weird dreams since the last one I posted about. Neither of which I care to record because the first was strange and I saw someone who looked EXACTLY like one of the characters the next day. The other one was this past sleep and I couldn't remember most of it, making what I do remember incredibly confusing.

C'est la vie.

Last night was date night, we ended up seeing the Other Guys, which was hilarious. Apparently Robby had meant to see the Expendables, but we were pleased with the mix-up. I ended up not being able to go work with the babies when they called me because I had been drinking (peach sangria is delicious!), then again, I'm feeling a little run down from picking up so much at work. The trouble is, I really like seeing the paychecks with the overtime on them. Arg.

Zen Cha tomorrow, I haven't been in a while and I miss the yummyness. I think I'll have some Earl Gray again, the weather is starting to change and I'm getting tired of the iced stuff, even if it does taste like juice and has strawberries in it.

Namakox from DA made me a couple of fanarts of Van Dean about a year or so ago, Nama got the smirk completely perfect. This is my favorite of the two, mostly because of the foreshadowing the red figure gives the picture. The other has a closeup of his face, however you can still see it here. Cropped and posted mostly because his face was just perfect.

Did I mention it's perfect? Exactly who I see when I write.
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Going from reading left to right then right to left and back actually doesn't take any thought any more. I just realized that I don't even think about it any more. If only my vks comprehension was on the same level.

Wah, I know I shouldn't, but I want to go to Zen Cha and see Savannah and have Earl Gray with cucumber sandwiches. Craving those sammiches. Also they have some pretty amazing authentic ramen, not as good as the stuff I used to make up north though.

I don't know what is more frustrating, remembering my dreams or seeing a pattern. I had a really fucked up one a day or two ago. We were evacuating a private school through one tiny door. There was a huge crowd pushing to get out and the reason was that for some reason it was flooding and everyone was panicked. I'm not even sure if everyone got out, I do know there was this huge march to the closest establishment once most of the people (including me) got out. It almost reminded me of the death marches of the holocaust. And for some reason I had my cats in a carrier and was rushing past everyone in the line. No one was hurt or dying, but there was a lot of crying. Lots of children.

Why are there never any hobos in my dreams?


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