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Robbie took me out and we got salads and went stargazing, then did a little cleaning and snuggled up to watch movies until dawn. It was nice to take a break from everything with him. I love how snuggly he is.

I posted a hiatus on dA today, I don't know if I'm going to be doing a lot of writing in the next few weeks, but I'm def not going to be putting any of it up. Right now, my writing has become one of the most stressful things in my life, and its because it isn't going anywhere. My biggest dream ever since I was little was to be published, but now that I'm so close, I just keep getting pushed back.

I hate thinking about the lack of progress that has been made, it makes me feel sick. So I'm taking a break from all of it for a couple weeks. Going to be concentrating on spending more time with Robbie. Probably not going to be on the lappy so much, but I'll try to make more entries on my journal. I seem to be slipping on that aspect, and it does help me get my thoughts out. So I need that bit.

I had a really disturbing dream that I went to a passover celebration and the lady said that I had to fast before the dinner so i could get the full effect, then Samm came over and pulled me up into what was I guess my room, then started breaking the heels off of all of my shoes and saying that they wouldn't be good for dancing? I was all sorts of wtf, my shoes! Then I woke up and they were all pretty in the closet.

Maybe I need more shoes.
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The house was robbed and they took my computer and flash drive.

I came home ALONE to everything gone and turned up-side-down. I have the first 50 chapters on my e-mail, but unless by some miracle we find they tossed a drive somewhere...I will either give up on Artemis or start the last 25 chapters from scratch. I don't even know right now.

To top it off one of the cats got out, she's still missing, and she's afraid of everything.

I'm at my parent's right now, they're away on a family vacation, and when I called them to ask them for help, I was met with no support at all. After talking with Robbie we decided that the best thing to do would be to save up enough to get us back to Michigan with his family. They immediately offered us a place to stay while we got back to our feet. Robbie is working on getting his job transferred, I would be starting from scratch with my school loans to pay...of course he keeps telling me that he'll support me for as long as he has to, even if I never go back to work.

All the sweet things make me cry even more.

At least I get internet on my phone, so my email is raintree.willow@gmail.com, my phone number is 614-580-4551. Text, call, email. It makes me even sadder that most of the people that I've been there for here aren't there for me. I'm lucky to have friends who live far away that I email, who listen to me, but I don't think I'll ever stop crying.

I feel like I'm living that moment of coming home over and over again.

Don't comment on here, I won't be checking my LJ for a LONG while.
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Yes, lets sit at the table and talk about our underwear. Sounds prime, really.

You never really see a lot of Lord Covington in the book...not until his demise anyways, his relationship with Kamen isn't the most healthy, but he at least seems to respect his father.

At least the kids know when they're being completely ridiculous.

This just looks like a self-inflicted food fight on Artemis' part.

Short Story: Of Biscuits )
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Posted on DA, just wanted to keep it here for references.

Suddenly "Y" strap suspenders are attractive.

One of the things I like the most about writing childhood Kamen and Artemis is that it requires me to do a lot of research. Matches, the curses Kamen uses (I teetered on him using the word "bollocks" but decided that he wouldn't use it in front of Artemis), hatpins, and suspenders (American term) vs. braces (the British term that would have been used in that period).

The game sardines, its like hide and seek but one person hides while the others seek, then as people find the hider they join them, so after a while the hiding place becomes painfully obvious. The last person to find the hider has to hide in the next round. I don't know for certain how far this game dates back to, but my research dates it back to at least 1700's, then again, it's my story and I can say what I want really.

Also, anyone remember that episode of South Park where Tom Cruise, R Kelly, and John Travolta are in the closet? Yeah I totally watched that a few times while writing this.

Something else also interesting. This was pushed out in a few short days from scratch and with a very vague idea, it's referenced only once in the trilogy by Kamen in Book 2, but it still manages to just fall short of 5,000 words. This is why NaNoWriMo was so easy for me to get through I guess.

Short Story: Of Closets )
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Texting dream officially makes sense to me. If I'm getting to a point in the story where one of the character's dialogue makes me want to cry and throw up at the same time it only makes sense that they apologize profusely in a dream.

None of the dialogue between Van Dean and Artemis is in the excerpt below, but it gives you a pretty good idea what bargains they're making. I'm leery of putting much of anything up on DA, or LJ at this point. The material certainly isn't as graphic as Chapter 50, but its crude and grim. Then there's the whole scene coming up where Van Dean does an excellent job of showing how serious he is over everything and I need to be careful with it or it could turn into another missing chunk of pages

Quid Pro Quo )
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I feel like I should be doing something. It isn't that I'm not, I've been doing a bit of writing since I got up today. Even posted a few full segments on my DA account. Full chapters and all, honestly I hadn't meant to go so long without any activity on there, I honestly thought I was updating it. Must have been a dream.

Speaking of dreams I haven't had one in a long while.

I want a baby. It got worse once I floated to the baby floor at the hospital. Newborn feet are the cutest thing evar!

I've pin-pointed my problem. I'm acting like I'm older than I am. I'm not running out of time at all. I just easily forget that I'm only 22. I think Robbie being 27 is what throws me off.

As far as writing goes I've been tackling something tricky. I knew I would have to do this but I hadn't realized just how difficult it would be. Lillaine is supposed to be a steady character in the story, while being dead. Of course the way I've done this so far is to make her the force that pushed Kamen and Artemis together, as well as give her and her brother a very close relationship. Kamen's entire family is dead, but other than seeking revenge for his father's murder, he really does think of his sister the most. Of course hilarity ensues because Lillaine was nuts.

Lillaine's Influance )
After the whole incident with the raspberries its a wonder that they still find talking about size inappropriate. Other than that Artemis' description of him is pretty funny, "You look like you just came out of a war and killed everyone in it."
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Notes are mostly for my records, mostly the system of time, birthdays and an in-progress time line for part one.

The Notes )

Part 1 is becoming larger than I had anticipated, however, Artemis is becoming a much more rounded character, I had done a much better job with Kamen and Van Dean. Where Kamen meshed perfectly with Victor in Part 2, Artemis is starting to really look like an earlier Nancy. Rei is still my favorite.

Decided to post the next chapter to DA a little early, it makes me want a galagos of my own.
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by *Namakox on deviantART

I got a pageview screenshot of a friend's and they surprised me with this gem in my inbox.

I believe this is the first I've gotten of all three of them together.

So now I am going to be giddy all day because it makes me feel so squishy, and chances are I will get the most done today than I have in a long time.


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