May. 26th, 2011 05:39 am
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Dear Universe,

What is the third law? These things have a habit of occurring thrice, correct?

1. Murphy's Law: Whatever can go wrong, WILL go wrong. (I get the short end of the stick, my mother's side of the family happen to have the misfortune of having this as a last name...).

2. The day you look like a scrub is the day you see everyone you know. (I've learned my lesson too many times to not keep a pair of flats in case I break another pair of heels running).

3. ... (profit?)

Updated my twitter a little. De'Angelo was making fun of it earlier saying it was the old version, to which I replied, "nah brah, it's generic."

I painted a glorious tree on the window of the hospickle Tim Hortons and all of its woody-barky-glory. I attribute my technique to hours of watching various artist's live streams for tips, and am quite shocked that I actually DID learn something.

Of course painting on windows made me want to break out some of my blank canvases. I have a half-finished painting that I rescued from the trash at the cultural art center that I wanted to finish. The original artist already did the brunt of the work by blocking out the building and the flowers, I don't understand why they would throw out such a gem.

We think Robbie broke his wrist. Roughing with the guys at a softball game. One of the girls asked if he needed an ice pack, of course when I asked him I worded it differently ("Would you like an ice pack or should I get you something to bite while I set the bone back in place?"). Two cold packs, some coban, and an ace wrap later he says he'll wait a week and if it hasn't gotten better he'll go get x-rays. Of course trust him to continue playing after the injury.

I'm actually having more fun writing the dialogue for the last chapter of Artemis, it's taking me much longer than it rightly should, but when it's finished I hope it will be as impacting as I want it to. All the sexual frustration is hilarious.


Oct. 28th, 2010 01:21 am
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I'm going to use NaNoWriMo to write something I've mulled over for a few years now. It started out as a comic I worked on very briefly, and one frame in particular is on my DA page. Without giving away too much here's the basic idea: flapper vampires behind a series of crimes in the future.

Samm was really the only one who I ever did any work on it with, and one of the characters (Bast) appeared in a cute little comic I did for a friend about ambulances and Native Americans (yes it was that much lols).

The idea is that in the future, after numerous riots, the government allows various covens of vampires to thrive as long as they don't feed on humans and follow all local legislation. Inspired by Anne Rice, the book follows the exploits of a bounty hunter hired under-the-table, Bastian Freeman.

The book has two different endings, one was bittersweet and the other was unhappily ever after. Overall its a grim story and falls best into the macabric genre. Of course the better ending was the twist that left you thinking "holy shit they really have no soul".

Of course there is no name to the book yet, and I was VERY tempted to do it comic just because Ritz's wardrobe is all gorgeous sophistigoth, but I don't have the patience at all to draw every frame of a story. I can easily write things and block it out for a comic, but I just don't feel the same drawing that I do writing.

It's my vice.


Oct. 25th, 2010 11:59 am
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A small view of what I've been playing around with on Sketchup. I had to erase all of my measurement lines to get a picture that didn't look like spaghetti. I'm amazed at how precise you can get the measurements. All of this is to scale.

I may come back to it more when I get a little more advanced, but its a great model in general! Its the apartment in book two! The door to the right has a bathroom, next to is is a closet, and across from that is the bedroom (completely cut off in this picture). The whole place is tiny but somehow ended up being a little bigger than I would have liked.
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I'm thinking about going to sleep here soon. I have four days off and I have no idea how I plan to use them yet. I know I still have a bit of editing to do, I'm not sure when or how I want to go about it.

Zen Cha let me down for the first time. I guess they decided to get rid of tuna AND umiboshi onigiri. Those would be the two kinds we always get, they're completely traditional and it looks like once again the only way I'll be able to eat them is if I make them in my own kitchen. Its saddening, because now I see not much reason to go there as often as I would like, maybe once or twice more so that I can try their Darjeeling (I still haven't because I'm worried I'll hate it.). Other than that I'll have to wait and see what their winter menu is.

Of course I would talk about sleep with an extra large kahve in hand. I'm officially too tired for depth perception.

I have a livestream account. For the record. I was thinking about using it to broadcast my work on my picture book! Something I talked about with Samm a while back. A lot of stories have their own "bible" which is basically just that, it explains how things are the way they are in the story etc. The picture book would be the buenan creation story, Celeste and the Ancients, the birth of buenans, and Ellioweish. If I can pull it off I would be tempted to do something similar with Thorn Tower.  I need to get more familiar with my table before I attempt something like that. I do however need to pull out Google Sketchup and plot out the structures to use as reference.

Speaking of plotting out, I have an old project/story/comic I was writing for Samm years back that I wanted to go back to and finish. The issue is that I really really want to do it comic, the issue with that is figuring out a distinct style for it, and then again, it requires me to become more familiar with my tablet. So it will probably have to wait in either case, and self-publishing a regular book version couldn't hurt too much either. I'm very interested in looking into Barns and Noble's Publit a little closer. Apparently they have their own self-publishing tools for writers, the issue is finding out if they reserve the rights to the work.

No excerpt this time, I've been a bit blocked for the past few days and music isn't really helping. It isn't that I don't know where I want the chapter to go, its just using a new technique that I haven't played around with at all before. Basically the previous scene presented through Kamen's fractured memories later while there's an active scene going on. Very busy and will require a lot of editing once it is finished.

In other news, I'm working on a winter Clovinian BDU set for myself. I just need to get proper fabric for the epaulettes and some gold thread to create the rank. I got my hands on a "Chambers" standard military nametag. The handy thing about their uniforms is that they aren't very decorated as far as medals etc., BUT to complete this I am going to need a rank pin. Which I will have to have made special. How does one go about that anyways?

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I would have been there later had Robbie not come to save the day. Tammi completely loves him now and wants him to transfer to our store, but I don't think that would work because he is in the middle of moving up at his store.

Tonight I was in the back room because we have the big guys coming in tomorrow to do the whole "SOE" test. I have no idea what it stands for but I got the impression that it meant the place had to be spotless. Shawn was on register and for some reason had Tammi's card, which he used to Manager Void and then ring up something. Manager Voids are only used to give money back to customers, so in essence he was caught stealing. When asked about the void he blew up at Tammi and left. 30 minutes to close we realized exactly what he had done. Nothing.

Everything that was supposed to be done at various times of the night at 10, 10:30, 11, and 11:30 had not been done at all. To top it off when I was covering the register after he left, all hell broke loose in the back. Tammi was having a panic attack of sorts and I told her I would call Robbie to have him pick me up later so I could stay and try to get the place under control. Robbie did one better and offered to come in straight from his work to ours to help.

Its never supposed to happen, but we were desperate, if he hadn't come in like that we would have been there to 4, he polished every bit of metal in that place, and helped with the dishes. I'm supposed to explain what happened to George tomorrow, I'm keeping the whole Robbie bit out of it unless he brings it up, I assume Tammi will mention something about it, she wanted me to talk to him about having Robbie pulled to us, but with Robbie moving up I don't know that it will work like that.

In other news I got to hang out with Alice last Saturday, we went to the Art Festival at Dodge park and saw Rod, the guy from Drake's party who passed out drunk and got his toenails polished. His toes are still silver and he painted this amazing angel on one of the open canvases that were set up all along the river. There was public break dancing too, which surprised me. There was a Chipotle stand too, and they had everything.

The kitties are doing fairly well from their surgury, we attempted to take thier cones off but the incisions immediatly opened up so we had to get paper sutures for them, luckily my mother has that shyte all over the hiouse so she brought some over with Leslie earlier today.

I really need to update more, walls of text are getting boring.
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Because I apparently have found favor with the upper circle.

We got the kitties fixed, they have their little cones on now because they got the dissolving stitches, the incisions are looking pretty clean though, we just got them done on Friday; they went in at 7 and came home all sorts of drugged up at 3. I have no idea what kinds of drugs they were on but it was hilarious.

While they were gone I was doing some hardcore cleaning, in the process the shower curtain fell down. I had originally thought that it was a tension rod, however with the amount of drywall that came down with it made me a little leery. The curtain was held in place by a small plastic peg that was on only one side of the curtain and pushed straight into the drywall. The hole isn't too big, but its big enough for me to not want to mess too much with.

But the thing is that there is no 2x4 behind the peg, and whoever put the rod up had to know this because of the type of peg that was used. So there's a hole in my bathroom wall. I called the landlord and let him know, however he and his wife keep insisting that there was a 2x4 behind it, I am just waiting for them to come over and look in that hole, look at the peg and then see who lied to who about it. Whoever even chose that plastic peg for the job knew there was no 2x4.

As if that wasn't enough, the night after I reported the hole the water heater died. All my gas bills are paid up through the next month, and the flame in the furnace is on, so I know it isn't me. We believe the igniter on the furnace has gone bad, however the landlord was unable to get out here and probably won't make it out here until tomorrow.

Other than that things are peachy, my friend Alice called me earlier, we kissed paintings when we were in high school together, she was at the party the other weekend and we exchanged numbers to hang out sometime. The party was pretty fun, it was for my friend Drake who has now left the country to go to Germany for the Air Force I believe. Nice vodka, delicious cookies, and a bunch of really cool friends I hadn't seen in a while.

I did get a small laugh out of the fact that my ex was there, and an even bigger laugh that he must have recognized my Robbie because he got up the instant Robbie sat a few chairs away. Of course he never had the balls to say anything, then again I have way too much fuel if he did.

I am tickled pink at Robbie, I noticed the other day (as he was carrying the couch over his head) that he's gotten in very nice shape. He has a really sexy athletic build to begin with, but apparently in the hour that he waits from when he gets home to when he has to pick me up, he does nothing but lift weights, sit ups, crunches, and push ups. I had to have him show me his bicep before he did anything else, I can't believe how fast he was able to get back into shape. He said something before about being able to carry an absurd amount of boxes at work, but I didn't really think about it, he was really always stronger than average.

Anywho, we are going to grab some nummies. I should update this more often, hopefully my internets do not die so soon again.
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A lot's been happening lately, the past week has been a little crazy.

To start off I have been trying to get a job at the hospital as a PCA (Patient Care Assistant), while networking with customers at that hospital's Wendys. So far I have a ton of leads and references. While being a PCA isn't exactly a dream job, the catch is that the hospital is also a College of Nursing. Meaning after 6 months I would receive a discount to any and all classes offered. As well as amazing health insurance.

So there's that, and then there's my modeling.

Last Monday I had someone new come into the art class I model for. After the first session I did my usual round to see how everyone's works were coming along and I went to introduce myself to this new student.

New student hands me a card. Mike Siculan. A photographer. A published photographer and artist. After exchanging e-mails and later receiving an e-mail with a few examples of his work, he appears legit. I do want to look further into it before I give him an answer, so if anyone has any information on him, please let me know. It appears to be modeling in vintage clothing from the pictures I was sent, I am a little leery of it still.

Regardless, after hearing who he was and receiving the card I felt completely self-concious.

I am supposed to be picked up for day of events at 11, COSI first then I have no idea. JB's Dad is treating, and I haven't been to COSI in ages. Plus I am going to want to take Robbie there some time and I figured I should check it out before I drag him there, last I checked it sucked hardcore.

O pretzel

Jul. 20th, 2009 04:54 pm
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Rachmaninoff refuses to play in my happy place when I feel evil, it made modeling harder than usual today. Seeing all the drawings makes me incredibly happy.

After my last entry, I calmed down and took another look at it. I'm completely serious, and the better part is that I think as long as I concintrated on the spite and vengence part of it, I actually feel motivated.

So I work from 6 to close all this week until friday when I go in at 4. I think I can do this, just a few more weeks.

I went out with JB the other night. I dressed up and I remembered how happy it made me. Black coat, fedora, leather boots, lace skirt, and red lipstick. I want that wig more than ever now.
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The critters in Animal Crossing for my DS, and V.Chandra.

No swimming tomorrow, looks like that was put off until Karen comes back from Europe. So it looks like a day of productivity? If I choose not to procrastinate too much that is...

O pretzel.

I have one, only one successful watercolor (semi-successful) to be inked. I have no idea how the hell I did it before, but now I'm slightly pissed that I can't remember the correct technique! That and I have the paper I used for it years back but it isn't responding the way I want it to. I'll get it eventually.

I am supposed to be working on the novel to be self-published, there is no way I am doing it with Artemis. The story is pretty much an updated and written version of a comic I made for Sammy and her friend Josh. It follows the inner workings of a man named Bastian who does some of the dirty work for the government in a futuristic society. He gets a crazy pay for a job to investigate a vampire coven in the area and ends up biting off more than he can chew.

I have no title for it and only a basic outline of what happens. Pretty much Bastian is very introverted and ends up trusting the wrong people. I'm very certain I want a scene with him grocery shopping just for the luls. That and I'm completely torn on the comic or written thing just because of Ritz and Gale, who have the most amazing wardrobe.

We decided not to turn on our giant fridge just yet because we don't have the food to fill it. Not that it matters anyways, since family vacation is this week and I am unable to go because of work, we get free run of my mother's kitchen with her blessing as long as we let the dogs out.

We will be taking advantage of laundry as well.

So Rob and I came to the conclusion to sell the compact. Apparently it will fetch about $500-$600 because of the high demand and quality. This means Jessi learns how to use a shotgun, zombies beware.


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