Jul. 16th, 2012


Jul. 16th, 2012 04:41 am
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So basically nine days ago I added ensure to my diet, just once a day, the 330 calories and nutrients I'm just not getting otherwise were needed. When I started I weighed 116.4, in nine days I dropped to 112.0. I'm underweight and I've been trying to gain for a while now.

I'm going to have to increase my intake drastically, and after nearly hitting the floor at work last night, Rob's been waking me during the day to make sure that I eat. The problem is that when I'm hungry, I don't feel it, its the same sensation as having a full bladder or cramps, so most of the time I just go to the bathroom or load up on midol.

So last night I got dizzy out of the blue, lost my hearing temporarily, my vision was blurry, and I had to sit down for a little. Of course while my hearing was gone my boss was apparently calling for me over the intercom? So she came looking for me and then freaked out, got me water, and told Rob...who then freaked out and got me an ensure.

I'm better now, I didn't go home, I stayed and worked out my shift, but in a much lighter department. My boss wouldn't let me touch a pallet jack.

This whole thing is frustrating, I'd like to be somewhere at 150, it doesn't even matter to me if its muscle or not, I'd just like the weight.


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