Jun. 18th, 2012

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After today I think I'm going to set my alarm for midnight and hope that I wake up with more motivation.

But here's the thing, I saw that there was no food, but apparently its been like that for the past week, and today, I thought Robbie was going to have a panic attack. I had just enough money in the account to get some soda for lunches for the week and he made the comment, "sunkist and ramen, this brings back memories".

There was a full year where we had to live off of 25 dollars a month, it was unpleasant, and I never want to be that hungry ever again.

The thing is that we HAVE money, it just gets stashed away into savings.

So we ended up talking and decided that with no bread (seriously, there is less in the house to eat now than the year we went without, and there are 4 people here instead of 2...), things were not going to go well until Thursday, because despite the fact that we COULD live off of ramen and mac and cheese for a couple weeks...his parents were going to start hounding us for money. That and...well gas, if you can't get to work you can't make money.

I ended up pulling fifty from the savings, planning on just throwing double in later this week. Jesus, Robbie looked sad and panicky.

Of course his parents can never say we let them go hungry.

and of course after hearing what they ate last night...shared an apple and a slice of cheese? when you have ramen in the house?...i just don't know.


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