May. 23rd, 2012

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There is really only one way to get to Robbie. Matt and I were talking about it this weekend, not what gets to Robbie, but how he's completely composed otherwise.

Neither of us really gets is...

Oh god, it's Kamen...

I digress. Not a lot gets to Robbie in a different way than myself, I remain calm but usually fall apart briefly later, Robbie just doesn't crack, ever. He's pretty much exactly what I need, I fall apart and he picks me up, puts me in bed, then grabs a lappy and some ice cream and we snuggle.

My room is situated in an area of the house where I can pretty much hear everything that is said on this floor perfectly, and it doesn't help at all that Rob's father is nearly deaf and speaks loudly anyways, and it certainly doesn't help that all of the major conversations are had in the kitchen, directly adjoined to my room (love snacks).

So its gotten to the point where I don't even try to hide from Robbie what I heard and when. This morning I wasn't really listening until I heard his dad say something about "not letting it go". Wasn't sure, didn't care a lot at the time, but I asked Robbie what was going on before he left to go help Matt and his dad.

Rob's dad is suing the guy who was renting his grandmother's house. I saw it coming. I knew. Then Robbie continued to tell me the details of what his father had said: the money would pay for his grandmother's unpaid hospital bills and her funeral.

The woman's late husband was a WWII vet, she had a guaranteed policy of life insurance. So I mentioned something to Robbie, "what do you mean pay for the funeral, she had life--"

He gave me one of those looks, shook his head, and walked into the kitchen.

So basically his dad lost the house, made this guy homeless, and is now suing him for several thousand dollars. I wonder what he did with the life insurance.


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