May. 22nd, 2012

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So Matt is gone now, apparently the fifth of rum in the freezer is for us (ooooh), as well as two maverick nerf guns with over 40 rounds, so I am going to pull out the paints and steampunk the shit out of those guns.

Today is Robbie's day off and he came home snuggly and has plans laid out for the day:

1. Eat, because food is needed.
2. Shower, because water is fun.
3. Adventure Time marathon, because of reasons.
4. Possibly pizza, because I screwed up my personal budget and ended up 50+ for the week.
5. Park times, because sun is supposedly good for you (I don't buy it).
6. Kid times, maybe.

I've been sort of sitting in front of my lappy during my down time and unable to really push anything out. I don't really get it either, I want to move onto the story bits that are incoming. I'm getting into the Sibiu trip in Jenna, I can't wait to work up the horror for that, and I've started to prep Bastian for the second editing round, and that means I get to add in details and descriptions and play around with all of his narration.

I really like Bastian as a character.

Anywho, its almost time for number 2.


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