Apr. 23rd, 2012

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She sighs, “Jenna, never emotionally invest yourself in a man, it always ends up messy.”
I snort, “I know.”
She looks at me incredulously.
I sigh, “I let Royce kiss me.”
Ritz moans, “Oh, Jenna! Not a druggie!”
“It was gross. Then I told him it was gross. Now I don’t think we’re on speaking terms.”
She pats me on the back and leans her head back down on my shoulder. “He’ll get over it, or maybe he was high and won’t remember.”
She has such high expectations of Royce….

I have such fun ideas about Gale and Ritz as parents. I think someday I might do little shorts...for personal pleasure. Those along with that WWII thing. I am a fan of Hellsing and what they did with Vampires/Zombies/and Nazis...and so tastefully too....

Something else I'm noticing: after writing two sequels to Bastian and working on the fourth the ending of Bastian is now incredibly tragic to me. I liked it better when it just made the reader angry at the characters, but this is actually really interesting how its filling out.

Also, looks like Jenna is going to be DOUBLE what the other books are at least. Eighth chapter and I'm already 20k words in...and Jenna isn't even on track to go where she needs to be for the book to be HALF over. I am enjoying the writing style, Bastian's cynicism with Gale's observation and vocabulary. Every description is chilling and wonderful.

Will probably find the most chilling thing to post in chapter eight before the night is out. I posted a little on Twitter and got a reply from an Arachnophobe friend that the effect was reached.

Ya know, I never thought I would like writing horror as much as I do.


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