Jan. 16th, 2012

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No Morpheus, but plenty of kick-ass GaGa...not naked tho, and certainly not dancing on the highway.

She hides in the zoo, in a hidden room below the lion's cage, in animal print vinyl dresses and black heels, but that day she was fighting a force she used to work for. A hidden evil in the bright city that she couldn't venture into anymore.

She hires people to help her decent into a 13 sub-basement lair to--she tells them--exact her revenge on the mob boss that outed her to the feds.

Its a Dante-esque journey for the group, each level has jungles, caverns, moonscapes, and monsters each more terrible than the last.

The final level, the 13th sub-floor, is vacant, and she sends her assassins to the terrace to confront her enemy, but she does not want to exact revenge, she wants to re-join, and she has sent the assassins to the wolves and they are killed immediately, offered as human sacrifice, payment for her entry.

She flees in a series of back exits as they scream for her, and she emerges from the lion's cage in a brisk strut, unhindered by the journey, looking fabulous, and ready to take on the city as she used to.

I approach her that night, at a cafe around a carousel. The city is booming in the dark night. She says not much as I ask to join her, only orders me a mojito with her and gestures to the chair.

I tell her her own story, and she knows that its hers, but she says nothing, then asks for mine.

"I have nothing, and here I am."

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*Morning regime of 20 sit ups for Robbie and me*

Robbie: *Does all of his easily, hops up, and gets in position to hold my feet for me.* "Okay, like yesterday."
Me: *struggling* "O-one....t-two...th-th-gah! I can't, my abs hurt too much from yesterday!"
Robbie: *Laughing in disbelief* "What?"
Me: "I do not excercise! Are you kidding?"
Robbie: "Jellybelly."
Me: "I am not! You're an asshole!"
Robbie: "Fine, not a jellybelly, a pumpkin. Thirty tomorrow."
Me: "You can't do that! We should start slow! What if it hurts tomorrow?"
Robbie: "Does it really hurt?"
Me: "Do you realize what we've been doing the past few days?"

Exercising like bunnies. In spring. With the fate of the species in their paws.


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